Meet Vida Loka, the largest Brazilian National Rap portal

Meet Vida Loka, the largest Brazilian National Rap portal

Imagine having access to the best content related to the Brazilian national rap and its street culture into a single portal? Be sure to know the vida loka site.

Great artists like Racionais Mc’s, Dexter, RZO, Emicida and more in vidaloka has a great ally for disclosure shows, events and music news.

Besides Rap, the site also highlights the other elements of Hip Hop (break, graffiti and DJs).

The site came in 2011, 5 years ago, when its creator, Marcelo Srougi, black music lover, seeing his difficulty finding quality digital content in the field, decided to create their own blog about rap and street culture. Since then the project has grown to become a reference portal for the national rap.

In addition to the portal, recently Vida Loka became a producer and his first artist, Billy Saga, recently arrived from a tour in England has just released her first album at Vida Loka.

Do not waste your time with no quality content. Access Vida Loka and be happy.

About brazilian rap:

The Rap is a music style that is part of the Hip-Hop movement in Brazil it is more associated in slums and suburbs. The style in the past was associated with crime in Brazil, but over the years, has been identified as a strong style that combines protest and music. The artists are divided into old and new school. The Old School focuses its lyrics in protest while the new school talks about daily topics.

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