What Kind Of Guitar Player Can You Become?

When we think about learning how to play a musical instrument, it’s because we would like to play the tunes we love. Some people take their musical studies even further and maybe learn a little more about how an instrument came to be popular. Learning to play an instrument well is something lots of people would love to do, but for one reason or another it may never have happened. Of course, it’s never too late to learn!

The most popular musical instrument to play these days is the guitar. It is quite an accessible instrument so it can be played with relative ease by children and adult beginners alike. The best thing about this instrument is that you can hear it everywhere. From blues to pop and rock, the guitar will feature in almost all music that you might listen to. It hasn’t always been that way. Until the 1930s, when the electric guitar was first introduced, even the acoustic guitar wasn’t as popular as it is today.

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Going back even further into the history of music shows us that the guitar’s origins aren’t very clear at all. It is thought an instrument similar to a guitar was documented over three thousand years ago. However, an obvious predecessor, like the lute, wasn’t around until after the fourteenth century. The Baroque period of the 1600s could be considered the beginning of music as we know it today. Guitars were well established by this time and were highly ornate instruments. They had been used a great deal to supply bass support to other instruments like the Viols.

Today there are still a large number of different guitars to learn. Most people pick acoustic or electric guitars. There are also more ways to learn thanks to the internet. Fewer people are choosing one-to-one lessons. Instead, they favour online lessons from places like that use lots of illustrations and videos. This makes learning an instrument far more accessible for everyone, no matter how they prefer to learn.

The guitar today can be identified by its rounded body, and strings and frets along the neck. Instruments resembling the guitar have come and gone throughout history. Today we still have several types of guitar that are popular. Whether you choose four strings like the bass or eighteen strings like some Latin guitars, you can enjoy a wide range of music by playing the guitar. The six string classical or Spanish guitar is acoustic by nature and played by soloists. Six-string electric guitars can make almost limitless sound effects and manipulations of their tone. This makes them very popular in pop and rock music at the moment.

Whichever guitar you choose to learn, and whichever type of music you enjoy most, this versatile instrument will certainly bring you hours of enjoyment. You can play solo in private, or with a band of other musicians to create your own unique style and sound. Choose to learn everything you can about the instrument, or just a few chords to enjoy a lifetime of playing.

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