Record Collecting Still A Great Hobby In The 21st Century

It is more than three decades since the Compact Discs were introduced, yet millions of music lovers are still avidly collecting vinyl records. It goes without saying that vast majority of the music lovers have long replaced their records with CDs, and iPods, but for many the hobby of collecting record albums continue to be a cherished one.

There are numerous reasons for the continued interest among people for records,  however the most important is the ‘nostalgia of records’; for the collectors this rewinds back to their younger days. It also offers the tactile sense of a large product, unlike a CD or iPod. A seven inch record with a retro picture in its sleeve, can be the perfect gift for music lovers. Above all, records still sounds great and many find the music in a record flawless. No wonder why there are over million records on sale in eBay alone.

Sell Record Collection

These listing price of these records are substantially high, and this points to the fact that there is a huge demand for records. For instance, some of the Beatles records are sold for over $40,000. The first singles of Elvis is often sold for $2000 or more. It is not just Beatles and Elvis, other artists like Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Madonna and James Brown records also command very high prices. Even the records of newer bands, such as Nirvana, draw a lot of collectors.

Though most of the collectors still play the records regularly, some just frame them for their antiquity value. For many finding those rare singles which eluded them in their younger days is like winning a lottery.

Though there are auction sites like eBay for bidding and buying records, those who are interested in high quality genuine records should look for a reputed record seller. Today there are a few reputed companies that sell record collection. Before you buy a record, research using well-known magazines, like Goldmine, Discoveries, and Record Collector, there are also numerous other online  resources available than ever before.

Selling Your Records:

Thirty years ago, everyone thought that records would be long forgotten by now, that they even dumped their old records and it is pretty clear that they couldn’t have been more wrong. This industry has become an elite niche and if you own some records then your could make a fortune out of it. If you own old records then sell record collection to a reputed company for great valuation, instead of throwing them or giving it away. With increasing demand from the collectors the value of old records is already high and is bound to rise in the near future.

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