MUSIC101: Piano Lesson

It is very fascinating to see people who know how to play a piano. But for those people who are musically declined, we are just contented by watching and listening to people who plays a piano. But admit it or not, there is eagerness inside you that say “I want to learn how to play piano too”. Well, if you have that kind of eagerness then use it as a motivation to learn how to play a piano. Having a piano lesson is the best way for any one of us to learn how to play a piano starting from the very basic notes and fingering.

Learning piano on your own is something impossible to achieve. Learning to play a piano is a complete pure discovery together with our body and the musical instrument that developed our music sensitivity and aural awareness. With guidance from a professional piano tutor, you will enjoy discovering the fascinating and immense world of piano.

Playing any instrument is proven to improve our musical intelligence. Piano is considered by many people as the king of all other musical instruments. It is because of the polyphonic nature of the piano that you can play many notes at the same time and its wide dynamic range.

For a beginner, learning a to play a piano can be enjoyable because from the beginning of the piano lesson, they will learn and do it to themselves that basic fingering each key that corresponds to a note and create sound as they combine every note, they are able to create and start playing easy tunes.

Piano Lesssons

Today, people have many options to have a piano lesson. They can do it online, enroll in a piano class or hire a personal tutor. However, it is highly recommended to attend to a piano class than to hire a personal piano tutor because if you are a beginner, it is very important that you learn in actual with someone’s guidance the basic and fundamentals of a piano and maybe soon, you can explore other lesson online.

In a piano lesson, here some of the basic lesson that you will learn:

  • Piano Fingering. The proper positioning of your fingers on the keys of the piano. This important so you can easily press and move to the next keys.
  • Piano posture. Playing a piano needs a prober body position so that you can comfortably move your finger and make interaction between you and the instrument.
  • Knowing your keyboard. As a beginner, you will use a standard piano where you will familiarize the basic part of a piano like the sound of black keys and the white keys.
  • Piano pieces. After learning the basic notes, you will now ready to play some basic piano piece and as you progress, you will learn other kinds of piano pieces.

In a piano class, they are still studying other related lesson about piano such as its history, kinds of pianos, famous pianist composer known, fascinating piano pieces and the likes.

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