7 Awesome Tips For the Self Taught Guitar Player

Guitar lessons can be expensive. Therefore, many opt for the self-taught route. There are some significant benefits to teaching yourself. You don’t have to sit with a stranger, and you can learn in your own time. But, the route to becoming an axe-wielding maestro doesn’t come easy.

Let’s take a look at seven awesome tips that you can use as a self-taught guitarist.

  1. You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune on a Guitar

A good guitar doesn’t have to cost the earth, no matter what the guy in the guitar shop said. You can pick up a relatively cheap guitar and learn on that. Once you have honed your skills, invest in an expensive guitar. But, while you are learning you don’t have to spend in excess of £1000 to learn. On the contrary, you can pick up a great guitar for £100. Make sure that you check out how the guitar feels when you are choosing one to learn one. Make sure that you listen out for the tone, action and size of the guitar. These are vital aspects of a comfortable play.

  1. You Do Need Good Equipment

Make sure that you invest in kick ass guitar strings. After all, you need to make sure that you are emitting the best quality sound from your new axe. Fender and Gibson make classic branded strings. The reason that they are so famous for their kit? It sounds amazing, and they are durable. Never skimp on strings. These will affect the overall sound of your new guitar.

  1. Protect Your Guitar

No, you don’t have to go for insurance. But, good guitar care will prolong the life of your instrument. Make sure that you keep your acoustic away from bright lights. In an ideal world, you would climate control your guitar. But, this is not feasible for many. So, make sure that you are keeping your guitar away from direct sunlight. Not only does this prolong its life, but it makes sure that it sounds good too. After all, you don’t want your strings to corrode because of the elements.

Protect Your Guitar

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  1. Look Online For Tuition

Yes, really. If you aren’t yet comfortable with sheet music, the best way, to become self-taught, is to look at free online guitar lessons. Some come in the form of video tutorials. These visual guides are not to be sniffed at. They are an excellent tool in your self-taught arsenal.

  1. Play Everyday

Take the time to play every single day. Whether it’s all day or for 1 hour, you need to practice. Be consistent, and the rest will come naturally.

  1. Exercise Your Fingers

The key to being a great guitar play? Calloused fingers. Make sure that you are breaking the pain threshold. All of your fingers are important when playing the guitar. Use them.

Tips For Protecting Guitar

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  1. Develop a Good Listening Ear

When a guitarist is at the prime of playing, they can pick out a song and play along to it. This is because they have honed their musical ear. Listen to a song. Pick out the chords. Play along if you can. Even if you are only doing so intermittently. Determine what makes the chords, and the rest will follow.

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