Is Your Kid A Protege? Help Them Realise Their Potential

Some kids are naturals. They can pick up any instrument and play. Give them a day or two on their own with whatever music making device they can get their hands on, and they’ll come out having learned how it works.

If this sounds like your kid, then you’re probably trying to support their natural talent with enthusiasm and general assistance. It can be hard to be this sort of parent. No one wants to be too pushy, pressuring their kid into improving at something they love so naturally. But you also want your kid to grow and make the most out of their talent. If you were a kid with a talent that went unnurtured, then you know how important it is to support a child. Well, luckily for you we’re here to help you strike the balance. With our tips you should be able to provide enough assistance without becoming a pushy parent.

Kid ProtegeFirst off, you want to think about equipment. Your kid is likely to need something fairly advanced relative to what their peers have. If they are a pianist then they are going to want the best digital piano. If they are interested in guitars then they are going to want to traipse around guitar shops for days on end. Purchasing these things can be a positive experience. Instruments are likely to set you back a fair bit as a parent, and it’s important to let your kid know that they are a big investment for you. This will mean that they understand that they have to make an effort when it comes to playing and looking after it.

You will also want to think about teachers. You should be looking for a teacher that has an advanced ability, but also one that has a great rapport with your kid. The chances are that if your kid grows bored with music it will be because they are not feeling engaged. By finding a teacher that is competent and understands the potential of your child you will ensure their progression. By finding a teacher that inspires your child you will ensure that your child wants to continue and wants to grow.

That said, it shouldn’t all be about formal teaching. You should think about the other aspects of music that will inspire your kid. Think about encouraging them to play with other kids informally. This means that they will begin to see the social and entertainment side of the music industry, rather than only thinking of it as a formal achievement.

If they are working on new pieces with their friends then they will spur each other on to success. This adds a whole new dimension to their learning process and gives them a sense of how they might like to pursue their talent later in life. They will also get a sense of how they personally enjoy playing, which will occur entirely independent of you as a parent. This can be a great way for them to reaffirm that they do genuinely love to play.

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