Forte 5 : A Must Have Tool For Budding Composers

The advent of music notation software has made all the important tasks like composing, playing, recording, printing and publishing music an easy and hassle free affair. Music notation software can empower you to showcase your musical ability and creativity. Therefore it goes without saying that you can harness the power of these software to create, organize and notate high quality sheet music. Some of the other important benefits of Music Notation Software are:

  • They will enable you to create a score that is as well-formatted as a conventional engraved score.
  • Using a music notation software, individual instrumental parts can be prepared more quickly when compared to conventional methods.
  • These software will also help you to ‘desktop publish’ your own scores.
  • The biggest advantage of using these software is the power it provides to easily revise and rectify mistakes. It is easier and hassle free when compared to the old pen & paper method.

There are several other add-on advantages like the ability to study the music you create and also to prepare for performances in a more organized manner. You can also create and publish your own music in the mp3 format on the go.

Forte 5: The Best In Class Music Notation Software:

Forte 5 Music Notation SoftwareIt is very important to choose the right software, there are several hundred music notation software however very few are of good quality. We highly recommend Forte 5 as it is one of the industry leaders in music notation software. Forte 5 Music Notation Software is a highly versatile program providing you multiple methods of note entry. It also provides you with one of the best and convenient interfaces to edit and arrange scores, you will literally have everything you need at your fingertips. It also provides you the feature to play back your notes. You can enjoy high quality playback even on computers with average sound cards.  Some of the other important salient features of this program are

1) User Friendly: Beautifully designed interface with seamless control for single as well as multi-functional use. There are three main tools, and they are clearly structured to increase efficiency while using.

2) Inserting Notes with Music Ruler: This features is unique to Forte 5. This feature enables inserting custom notes far easier than any other software. The music ruler in the software makes the entire task far easier.

3) Audio Sequencer: You can record or import audio, and can play that in conjunction with your composition. It improves creativity and multi-tasking.

4) Complex Scores: This is for advanced composers where they can use up to 8 independent voices, left and right hand parts and up to 32 staves per system.

5) Intuitive Upbeat Function: You can insert innovative upbeat measures of any length.

Some of the other important features of this software are the Ready to Print Layout, the ability to export data to .mp3, .wave, and to burn data to a CD, ability to add lyrics, free keyboard navigation and MIDI keyboard compatibility.

This software comes in four versions (free, basic, home and premium) to cater to the needs of every type of composers. If you are a novice and just want to try out this software then you can opt for the free version with limited features as you can upgrade anytime later.

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