The most expensive instruments for your child and why to insure them

Learning a brand new instrument can be an exciting time in any child’s life, and one that may see them taking their instrument everywhere they go. Instruments additionally come in for some pretty heavy usage, as your child practices day and night to master that most recent piece of music. This in itself of course increases the risk of damage to your child’s instrument and with all the best will in the world, accidents do, of course, happen. So with all this in mind we look a few of the many instruments that are worthy of insurance.


The clarinet is an instrument that is relatively expensive, regardless of which end of the market you’re purchasing from; it’s also an instrument that is notorious for the differences in sound when you compare a budget clarinet to a premium one. Whichever model you opt for you’ll want to ensure that it’s protected so you can replace it without an additional financial layout.

Additionally, should your child’s instrument suffer a mishap or theft then you need to think about the length of time that they’ll be without a replacement. The clarinet (as with any item on this list) is relatively expensive, and so finding the spare cash for a replacement may take a while. This all means that your child misses out on that all important practising and lesson time, which, in the worst case scenario, can see them go off the idea completely.

The Flute

Given the fact that flutes are made out of silver (to greater or lesser degrees, depending on the price of the instrument) they can make for a lucrative item to steal. The distinctive case that they come in makes it easy for the would be thief to spot, so insuring your child’s flute makes even more sense.

The Drums

Whilst the drums are pretty robust and able to stand plenty of playing, mishaps such as foots through the bass drum can mean that you have some pretty significant repair bills on your hands. Music insurance will protect you from this, and ensure that your child can continue to practice (which may or may not sound like such a great thing!)


The saxophone makes for a similar item to the flute in terms of the likeliness of it getting stolen. However, given their size, they’re far more difficult to conceal whilst being carried (or even whilst being kept at home, for that matter).

Of course the intricacies of its mechanics also mean that a fall could be fatal, so ensuring that you have insurance to pay for repairs is a further reason to take out insurance.


The violin is undoubtedly a beautiful instrument and, unfortunately, one that makes for a target for thieves. Given that the most prestigious of violins can cost thousands, the would be thief may think that even a moderately priced violin is worth far more.


The instruments listed here are only a few of the instruments that are worthy of insurance. Depending on the specific model you’ve chosen for your child’s learning, any instrument may cost a significant amount, and the key to whether you should insure it or not lies in its value.

If you’re unsure about instrument insurance then get a quote, you are likely to be surprised at just how cheap it is, and the peace of mind that the instrument is protected come what may is surely worth the relatively insignificant insurance premium.

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