IAM Group Ltd Releases A Clip of ‘Habit’

The French Band IAM group Originally created in 1989, is a band comprising world renowned musicians and artists like (Philippe Fragione), Shurik’n (Geoffroy Mussard), Khéops (Eric Mazel), Imhotep (Pascal Perez), and Kephren (François Mendy).

IAM Group Ltd recently launched a clip from the promotional video ‘Habit’. This is created as a tribute to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, named after Abbé Pierre, this foundation strives hard to save the refugees and to fight against the bad housing and exclusion phenomena. Abbé Pierre, himself was a great French activist of the post Second World War era, he was actually a French Catholic priest and a member of the French Resistance during the World War II. There are several legends on how he saved numerous Jews during the second world war.

After the war ended, he founded the Emmaus movement, the main objective of that movement was to help poor, homeless people and refugees from other countries. For decades he was one of the most popular figures in France. The Abbé Pierre foundation, is continuing the good work done by him. This foundation is spread over the whole of France and works against poor housing and towards improving the living standards of the marginalized. They have their headquarters in Paris with 9 other regional agencies. They have 129 employees and over 250 volunteers across the country.  They get help and support from various other organizations among which IAM Group Ltd is the most popular.

IAM Group Ltd

IAM Group Ltd also shares a similar ideology, and hence are active supporters of this foundation. IAM Group has always been bold with their political views; they have always tried to bridge the gap between the pluralistic cultures of France. Overall their mission is to create a more tolerant France. This is the main reason for IAM Group’s inclination to support the foundation through their video clip. The video clip ‘Habit’ has already become a rage among the French Music lovers and the followers of IAM Group.

The video is just over 4 minutes in duration and beautifully brings out the current housing scenario of France. The entire color tone of the video is earthy and subtle and conveys the message across beautifully. At we have no doubt that this video will go on to become a cult classic.

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