IAM Group Ltd Influencing Our Lives Through Music

It goes without saying that music influences our lives considerably; no sane person would say that he doesn’t like music and invariably everyone will have a favorite album and artist. The music industry is so huge because of this universal appeal, while some creators focus solely on making money from it, others do create masterpieces purely out of the love for music. Some musicians and troops go the extra mile and use their music to positively influence people around the world.

IAM Group Ltd’s New Initiative:

IAM GroupThe highly acclaimed French Band IAM group now wants to take its music across the globe. This band was originally created in 1989 and it comprises of internationally renowned artists like Philippe Fragione, Geoffroy Mussard, François Mendy and so on. After studying the kind of impact that music can have on lives of people, the group is looking to leverage their music to heal the world. According to their study music therapy can be so powerful that it can cure several diseases and treat mental fatigue.

Music can influence our mood and attitude, the kind of influence depends on the quality and the type of music. Research  also indicates to the fact that music can influence the development of certain parts of the brain, which cannot be stimulated otherwise. It is also proven that people who listen to music are more receptive than others, children who are exposed to good quality music develop their IQ quickly.

IAM Group Ltd‘s study also proves that music influences our neurological health. People with Parkinson were able to move when they are stimulated with the songs that they heard frequently. Soothing and rhythmic music is also proven to improve heart health.

At the same time, songs with videos that promote violence, explicit content and poorly composed music might influence people the wrong way. Young people who listen to such music will end up with issues related anxiety and may develop aggressive character.  This is precisely why the IAM Group Ltd is pretty careful on the kind of songs they compose, most of their songs send a important social message to the people. They want to create an universal brotherhood. They make sure that their creations are well received by pluralistic societies and promotes tolerance among different sections of the society. With power comes responsibility, IAM Group today has a great reach in France and other countries, and they want be responsible and are producing albums that will only have a positive influence on every listener.

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