IAM Group Expanding the fan base to new horizons

This highly popular French hip hop band from Marseille is now looking to cater to the American and English audience with their unique music. Originally created in 1989, the band is now 25 years old and is still going strong with geniuses like Akhenaton (Philippe Fragione), Shurik’n (Geoffroy Mussard), Khéops (Eric Mazel), Imhotep (Pascal Perez), and Kephren (François Mendy) still on board. ‘IAM’ true to its meaning  ‘Invasion Arrivée de Mars’ (‘Invasion from Mars; that is Marseille) is now truly invading the music lovers of other European and American countries.

IAM Group

They are quite bold with their political views and draw a strong influence from African themes; particularly Egypt. Another important aspect of their music is their leaning towards Islam, they seamlessly mix the French music (the French beat and lyrics) with the Egyptian influence. The IAM group try to bridge the gaps between the pluralistic cultures of France. They also strive hard to make France more tolerant to the Islamic and Arabic subculture.

IAM Group Ltd is now meticulously working towards expanding the fan base to the English speaking population. This is not the first time IAM Group is trying to do it, back in 1998 they collaborated with the American Hip Hop group, the Wu-Tang Clan. They sampled the lyric from the Wu-Tang Clan song, “C.R.E.A.M”, in their 1998 single, “Petit frère”.  In addition to that they have also featured several Wu-Tang affiliated artists in their creations.  They have also featured members of Method Man and Redman on their 2004 single “Noble Art”.

For music aficionados across the world the IAM group presents a unique combination of Egyptian and Western music; we are confident that this band will take the new audiences by storm very soon. After some set back they came back incredibly stronger with their their latest album whose sales crossed the 100,ooo mark. The album was pretty orthodox and was also available to all the audience across the world through Google Play. Check the website IAM Group Ltd for latest news, fans reactions and more information about this group. You can be a part of this English Fans website and also follow the updates via several social media platforms and get to interact with other English fans across the world.

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