Suitcase Speakers: Not Just A Thing Of The Past

Past trends are always being revived. Even before the days of carrying around heavy boomboxes on your shoulders, suitcase speakers were around and extremely popular. When it comes down to it, the suitcase stereos are a giant boombox themselves but only with the advantage of also packing all of your stuff along.

The current trend regarding suitcase speakers is to purchase them separately along with other audio equipment and to find a nice vintage suitcase that you would like to turn into your own personal stereo. If you do not already have a vintage suitcase that you would like to designate as the one, then the best place to find them is either by browsing online sites or by going to local thrift shops to see what is there. You can make some pretty interesting finds when it comes to vintage suitcases.

So what can you actually do with these stereo suitcases? First, you must recognize that they are of course a novelty item and just cool to have. Now, say you’re planning a long family road trip. Well, it can provide the music along the way. They also make for great conversation pieces, you can take them on business trips or to social functions and much more.

Even if you don’t know how to do the wiring on your own, someone can take care of this for you. And, if you have an original suitcase with speakers, you can always have that one redone. You can have all different size speakers depending on what you prefer. If you really want to make some noise, include two tweeters and a sub woofer, taking up one whole entire side of your suitcase.

You can even put in two sub woofers if you wish. The suitcase speakers trend is really unique and fashionable. It’s not just about knowing what to do with it, it’s about owning something unique and that will definitely turn heads. Taking a moment to look at some of the sites featuring vintage suitcases turned into stereos can help give you ideas. Perhaps you just want to purchase one that is already done, or maybe you want the most unique product out there by completely designing it yourself. Either way, your suitcase stereo is going to make for some fun times, and don’t forget to bring it to the parties to show off to your friends.

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