Selecting A Party Band for your Function

Off The Cuff BandThe setting up and planning of a big function day or event can be extremely stressful. There are several elements that must come together to create a successful event. One of the main elements of course, is the music. Luckily, we’ve come across a band that will ease that particular burden and take care of not only the music (live performances and DJ intervals), but lighting, stage production and all the trimmings.

Off The Cuff are a top choice party band for functions and events with an impressive and extensive repertoire stretching back several years. There are many function bands you could choose to hire for your occassion, but few offer the fully inclusive package that Off The Cuff can, meaning your DJ/interval music, lighting, stage production, and of course live performances are taken care of in one fell swoop.

The benefit of having to hire one group in to take care of all these aspects can be substantial. Generally it means there are simply less elements to go wrong. It allows for much smoother transitions between live performances and DJ/background music sets, meaning less hiccups. Not having to hire in a separate DJ, or light production team saves you effort and work, and again having one team taking care of this aspect allows for smoother integration. On the whole it makes the setup and performance slicker and more professional.

OTC are a band that have represented major clients around Europe for various gigs and have gained a great reputation and positive feedback from everywhere they go. They have done so many different types of event including corporate parties, charity events, launch parties and a myriad of other functions.

Have a look at the Off The Cuff Band website to find out more about the band and how to go about booking them for your function or event.

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