Simple Song Writing Methodology

Song writing is a creative art and as with most creative arts it does require a minimum level of skill. In addition to the skill one should also have a proper strategy to excel in this art. The following is a simple methodology to churn out good lyrics.

Start with a central Idea

Song writing TipsStart off with a central Idea for your song, the purpose of your song should be to communicate this idea to others. You can also get inspiration from your surrounding; being in tune with the surroundings will provide you with ample ideas.

Let the Idea grow

The next step is to let your idea grow. When we develop the ideas in to lyrics, they tend to become volatile, so it is important to capture the ideas by writing them in a journal or record them in a device. By the end of this step you will have a sequence of ideas which will be the concept for your song.

Choose the Right Title

Once you have the concept for the lyrics then the next step is to provide a title. Finding the right title will make the lyric writing process easier. The song’s title has to summarize your concept.

Expand the Title in to a Story

The best approach is to turn the title into a story. This should have a plot with characters, point of reference and time periods. It is important to avoid switching the reference point. While developing the story line it is important to make sure that every line you write supports the central idea and anything that takes the song away from the central idea should be removed.

Give a tone and color

Lyricist is not an academic writer, he has to give color and tone to his lyrics. He has to paint a panorama of the central idea, so that it kindles the emotions of the listener.

Identifying and Following Rhythm patterns

Every lyric should follow a certain pattern. Number of syllables per line (repeating meter), lines per verse and the chorus comprise this pattern. The repeating meter will create a rhythm pattern. While writing every line you should be cautious to match the lyrics to that pattern.

Identify words for Rhyme Scheme

Find out ways to make your lyric rhyme, you can do so by making use of the thesaurus. In English the most common position for a rhyme word is at the end of each line. You can opt for many different rhyme patterns where all the lines rhyme, alternate lines rhyme (first & third or second & fourth) and so on.

Proof read and Rewrite

No song is complete on the first attempt, proof reading and rewriting is an essential part of song writing. Rewriting also helps in matching the lyrics to the melody.


Musical trends are fickle and one should be in touch with current trends. So it is important to research and stay abreast by following top websites that provide good songwriting tips. You should also check the weekly iTunes and Billboard charts, so that you can keep track of the top songs in your genre.

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