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Fallen Empires : Snow Patrol Album (2011): Track List – All Songs

Fallen EmpiresSnow Patrol are known for songs so swooningly sensitive they can make Coldplay sound like the Sex Pistols. Now, perhaps inspired by the U.K.’s dubstep craze, they’ve added a few dance beats to their beige guitar anthems. It’s a strange move but done tastefully; the title track’s terse, frantic pulse is a welcome change of pace. Otherwise, Snow Patrol fall back to the blandly inoffensive safe zone – though at least they sound a little brighter: Much of Fallen Empires is a guardedly optimistic list of singer Gary Lightbody’s aspirations, from pensive road trips in which “the engine’s more a sigh than a scream” to World Cup glory for his Irish countrymen.

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Track List of “Fallen Empires” – Album by Snow Patrol:

Track List:

1. I’ll Never Let Go
2. Called Out In The Dark
3. The Weight Of Love
4. This Isn’t Everything You Are
5. The Garden Rules
6. Fallen Empires
7. Berlin
8. Lifening
9. New York
10. In The End
11. Those Distant Bells
12. The Symphony
13. The President
14. Broken Bottles Form A Star (Prelude)

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