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Diamonds On The Inside : Ben Harper Album (2011): Track List – All Songs

Diamonds On The InsideIn the three years-plus interim between this and his last studio album, Ben Harper traversed the world, and the already introspective singer/songwriter has clearly done even more soul-searching and emerged with his most earnest (and that’s no mean feat), focused set to date. DIAMONDS ON THE INSIDE flows organically with that transcendent feeling exemplfied by lines so simple and revealing as “can you look into my eyes, or has your heart gone blind,” which harbor the ability to subtly wend their way into the subconscious and the heart simultaneously.

Track List of “Diamonds On The Inside” – Album by Ben Harper:

Track List:

1. With My Own Two Hands
2. When It’s Good
3. Diamonds On The Inside
4. Touch From Your Lust
5. When She Believes
6. Brown Eyed Blues
7. Bring The Funk
8. Everything
9. Amen Omen
10. Temporary Remedy
11. So High So Low
12. Blessed To Be A Witness
13. Picture Of Jesus
14. She’s Only Happy In The Sun

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