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Minutes To Midnight “Wake” is an instrumental track that creates a moody atmosphere and great ambience. It’s also a warning to those who love their Linkin Park on the more rap-rock side of things (i.e., Hybrid Theory and Meteora): Linkin Park is going to mix things up. It’s a short track that does a great job of being the album’s opener, but it’s not exactly a song that warrants many repeats.

Track List of “Minutes To Midnight ” – Album by Linkin Park:

Track List:

1. Wake
2. Given Up lyrics
3. Leave Out All The Rest lyrics
4. Bleed It Out lyrics
5. Shadow of the Day lyrics
6. What I’ve Done lyrics
7. Hands Held High lyrics
8. No More Sorrow lyrics
9. Valentine’s Day lyrics
10. In Between lyrics
11. In Pieces lyrics
12. The Little Things Give You Away lyrics
13. No Roads Left [*]
14. What I’ve Done [Distorted Remix][*]
15. Given Up [Third Encore Session][*]

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